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Triumph of the Cross 

Georgetown, Texas September 12, 2020 

We are a Carmelite Study and Prayer Group Canonically Erected. 


At the September meeting the following were absent: Maron Burke, Birdie Ehrenfeld, Hugo Estrada, Veronica Estrada, Diane Gray, Steve Hardin, Kim Lawlis, Carole Lockamy, and Lilia Medina.

Business Meeting began at 12:18 PM with the Opening Prayer. Cindy Johnson presided at the meeting.

Minutes from the August meeting were approved by Jamey Smrekar and seconded by Ramona Zelasko.

Treasurer report was given by DeeAnn Smith. The ending balance for August was $9625.08. The balance reflected payments made by community members attending the retreat at Cedarbrake October 2-4, 2020.

Infirmarian report was given by Cindy Johnson, reflecting the telephone calls made by Diane Gray. The following members have asked for continued prayers: Lilia Medina, Cecilia Murphy, Dora Zavala, Birdie Ehrenfeld, Dolores and Frank Ascona, Juanita Gonzales, Maron Burke for her husband's recovery, Kim Lawlis and her husband's recovery, Rosa Perez, a prayer in thanksgiving for a good outcome, Lansing and Paula Prescott, and finally for Vi Sulsona who is feeling lonely in Colorado. Community members were reminded that they, too, are able to reach out to other members by email, telephone or mailing a card.

The community retreat is fast approaching at Cedarbrake Renewal Center, October 2-4, 2020 with Fr. Jorge Çabrera. Ginny updated members once again that confession would not be available, so please go to your home parish for the Sacrament of Reconciliation

An email will be sent out with directions to Cedarbrake - items to bring including your bible and other particulars.

There will be a drawing for the three available times for Spiritual Direction with Fr. Cabrera on Friday October 2 at 4:00 PM and at 5:00 PM, and one on Saturday, October 3, time to be decided. Those wishing for a chance at Spiritual Direction should call or email Ginny Hahn. Names will be drawn from a hat.

There will be no sharing of snacks on Friday evening, so bring your own.

Silence will begin after first conference Friday night and ending on Sunday after Mass. Conferences will be one hour in length and over at 8:00 PM The chapel will be closed for the weekend, which means there will be no Holy Hour. Readers will be needed for LOTH and Mass readings. Please let Ginny know how you would like to participate. * Ginny will definitely email the community with retreat information, so be on the lookout.

The TOTC birthday song was sung for members having September birthdays: Birdie Ehrenfeld, Geri Lynn, Lansing Prescott, Kathy Rasmussen, and DeeAnn Smith. Since there is no meeting next month, October birthdays are Lee Burns, Ginny Hahn, Cecilia Murphy, Jamey Smrekar, Rebecca Snook and Vi Sulsona.

In member updates, Ramona Zelasko was presented with a Spiritual Bouguet and a devotional, Walking With the Father: Wisdom from Brother Lawrence. Ramona will remain with the community as an Isolate as she will be moving to Hawaii. Yolanda Lopez was granted an extended leave of absence. Julia Diaz will keep in contact with Yolanda.

Once again, members are reminded that our meeting place will remain at Santa Rosa Church, 6571 FM 970, Andice, TX 78626 until further notice. The community will meet in the Walter Carr Activity Center located behind the church. Although Santa Rosa has graciously let us meet at the Walter Carr Center, Cindy asked for the community to pray for our return to our home church, St. Helen.

The Community was reminded of the upcoming Feast and Fast Days: September 14 is Exaltation of the Cross. Kathy Rasmussen has a Mass being said for TOTC at St. Luke's in Temple at 8:30 AM. September 17 is the Feast Day of St. Albert of Jerusalem, September 30 is a Fast Day for OCDS, and October 1, is the feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus.

Kathy Rasmussen gave a formation update for 2021. Definitive study will be The Hidden Life of Edith Stein. Community study will be Elizabeth of the Trinity: Complete Works Volume I. Marsha Benda graciously provided questions for the facilitator's; however, the monthly facilitator may change these questions, With no other business, Cindy led the community in the Closing Prayer. The meeting adjourned at 12:42 PM.

Respectfully Submitted, Roberta Lindsey TOTC Secretary

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